"eVeRbOdY iS lEaViNg iCp. dFiNiTy nEeDs tO dO sOmEtHiNg!!" | ICP & AGIX

BobbyO 2

BobbyO 2

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This is not financial advice and I am not a Financial Advisor. Do your own research and make your own decisions. #internetcomputer #icp #dfinity #agix #singularitynet #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #blockchain #ai

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2023-11-21 10:59:46

Nice catch on the logo... in my worldview, there are no coincidences in symbolism...

2023-11-21 10:29:13

Haha I knew you were trolling when I read the title lol. Good information as always.

Bobby if you don’t mind me asking, what other crypto do you hold in your portfolio?

2023-11-21 06:39:18

the whole thing is a bit complicated to explain because not everybody see things the same way and big complexivity due to the many diferent oprions or possibilities

i think we all can agree that icp is acumulation mode, sure it looks like is stuck nnoe but eventually it will explode

around 26% of total suppply is lock for 8 years, those can’t sell now or get out unless they sale their neuron at id geek at considerable loss not to mention tbst id geek now is charging s fee for their service

there are many diferent scenarios
i recently lost a 10x trade simply because i wanted to finish my investment qbd i didn’t want to screw things up specially at the end

so it is what it is, trades are good when tbey pay off but a bad trade can ruin everythi g beyond repair and if you try to recover the money and migh make things even worse, the possibility always exist, while icp seems to be stuck and not moving , i’m making free icp risk free without having to risk what i already have, so even if tbe orice stays the same and it doesn’t go up , you are still making money because your coin count is increasing, i think the best way is to have your icp and have something extra or separate that you can use to trade and make money will you wait for icp to get mass adoption, recently there it been a lot going on, many new partenerships etc

the problem is that not everybody wants to invest for the long term and most people simply want to make money fast that’s why they don’t invest icp, is not just the aftertmath of FTX SBF fraudulent actions

you can risk getting out to make a trade, maybe you pull it off, make money and buy more but risking what you have for a few X
eventually even if you still manage to make tbe trade, there it will be a time that icp is going to pump and leave you behind, so is better not to risk it, simply wait for icp to go up and cash out

as long as your trades excute to perfection then everything is fine but one day you might get out and even if you manage to make the trade, that will be the day that icp will decide to go ballastic and if you fails then you are going to lose even more

that is why i wanted to finish my 10k icp because now i can do trading with a separate investment without having to worry about icp leaving me behind because i already have my bag, i only have 10k because i got screwed a few times, i lost a few multipliers, befire and after stacking
honestly a little too long to explain
i will hold my icp bag that is locked on the nns then i will do trade with a nre seoatate investment

2023-11-21 05:39:02

CLick Bait! shit, I thought u were gonna fud

2023-11-21 01:46:34

u picked out the funniest most ugliest stupid moment as the image i busted up laughing lmao

2023-11-21 01:08:38

Good job

2023-11-20 20:21:42

Great! These are actually both of my favorite projects

2023-11-20 19:43:29


2023-11-20 19:16:09

The thing is, I do not see any progress with singularityNET. Was following them since it migrated to Cardano. Also the market place is empty and a very bad experience.

2023-11-20 18:45:08

Dfinity is supposed to present at the UN climate conference. To be honest, I'm here to make money. People talk about technology and innovation, and whatever else. Blockchain is going to enslave us. I'm not really sure why people are hyped up about the tech. Climate change has always happened. they're just using it against us to restrict us even more.

2023-11-20 18:04:25

Thanks Bob 😁

2023-11-20 18:02:25

Nice find 👌

2023-11-20 17:59:17


2023-11-20 17:57:57

Oh nice find Bobby. Think it was one of the first cardano projects. The similar logo would've helped :)

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