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Muthitima kuhingurirwo nyumba njeru na athuri a baratha kumucerera


Baraza witnesses Muthitima house opening ceremony

Sama Enda Ngugi - SYLVIA G - (Official Music Video) #laguviraltiktok


SAMA ENDA NGUGI SYLVIA G Lirik/lagu:sony jang Music arrange:sony jang Guitar:sony jang Mix/Mas:davney david Gown & mua By sawang purah Kamera/editing:sony jang Keluaran:sonny jang sound record studio

I met a Danish man online, got married and had two children then I found out the worst about him|LNN


At 22, Mellisa met her Prince Charming online and in just under a year they got married and moved to Denmark permanently after she turned 24. Two beautiful children were born from that union and then she found the worst about her husband …….. Here is Lynn Ngugi with today’s episode of LNS #LynnNgugiShow #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I worked so hard for people who did not know my worth. I have never touched alcohol in my life | LNN


He is popularly known as Charlie in the famous TV series Mother in law who plays a drunk distraught son, husband, and father but in real life, Patrick Oketch has never touched alcohol his entire life On this episode of LNS rebuilding, he walks us through the dangers of working in an environment that does not recognize your worth, how his wife stuck with him through thick and thin, quitting his job to starting all over again #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I served the devil for 18 years, caused accidents, destroyed families and hated men | Erica Mukisa


Erica Mukisa’s journey sounds like a scene from a movie She understands what it means to serve the devil with your body, mind and soul Today, she will walk us through her initiation journey, her life as a devil’s agent and why everyone of us needs to understand that life is spiritual #LynnNgugiShow #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Muthuri wakwa ahuraga, akandarurira nguo na agakoma nanie mbere ya mwana wakwa | Patricia


A husband from hell!!! Patricia narrates her story

Pinky Ghelani on marrying the love of her life, quitting her job to living her best life | LNN


Whether she married a man younger than her, left the scene when her name was big or learnt the hard way why saying NO is in itself an answer, Pinky Ghelani cannot be defined in a single house This powehouse name will leave you inspired by her story on today’s episode of LNS Rebuilding series #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I met my dad -Apostle Ng'ang'a, in my adulthood | Tuko TV


Naomi Maina (Mary Wangari Kaniaru) is a daughter to Apostle Maina Ng'ang'a and shares her struggles of taking care of her sick child. For business inquiries you can reach us at marketing🤍 ⚡️ Join TUKO Membership and get extra content and gifts: 🤍 ❗️ Help us share more untold stories! Support us via the link: 🤍 🌟 TO READ MORE STORIES LIKE THIS ONE, CHECK 🤍 Tuko Talks | Tuko TV One-on-one interviews at Tuko's, just the guest and their story. People open up on their real-life experiences, share their stories for other people to learn, get inspiration, and find a solution when there seems to be none. On Tuko Talks you will hear stories that people never tell in public, you will see that you are not alone in this world and that you can protect yourself! 🤍 Faces of Kenya/ Inspire Kenya | Tuko TV Watch the people telling stories about child marriages, small businesses ideas, gender issues, and many other important topics among Faces of Kenya while showing how their daily life looks. Do you want to hear a story of a Kenyan domestic worker in Saudi Arabia and find out how a Kenyan man is spending millions to change his gender? Save this playlist and stay informed about all of the latest updates and topics in Kenya. 🤍 Candid with Yvonne | Tuko TV A candid interview, hosted by Yvonne Kawira, where the guests open up about life challenges, life lessons, and share a piece of advice with Kenyans on how to carry on in life. While discussing important matters, the guest and the host perform activities together, so the viewers can feel the behind-the-scenes life of the guest. 🤍 Our Stories | Tuko TV Highlighting underreported stories across the country by traveling and meeting people at the place of their living. In this playlist, is ready to present to you the most interesting feature stories across the country. Watch as people open up and share their deepest stories for the first time with our audience. From a mother being told her daughter has less than eight months to live to a Kenyan woman who decides to marry herself. 🤍 Tuko Siasa | Tuko TV Tuko Siasa is an incisive political interview segment hosted by King'ori Wangechi. We seek to highlight the lives of your favourite politician. Interrogate their convictions, hear their stories, their hobbies, their achievements, challenges and lessons, while understanding their visons for you and country. Feel free to suggest who we should feature next and why. You ask, we get them for you. 🤍 Unheard voices | Tuko TV TUKO TV with Ann Nyathira is ready to present you with the most interesting documentaries and stories that recently happened in Kenya. Stories of ordinary Kenyans and their ability or inability to afford basic necessities, being treated unlawfully and poorly. addresses widespread issues, shows a tendency in the country, talks to authorities. 🤍 Slum Chronicles | Tuko TV We are telling stories of Kenyans in the slums. You will see some other life and learn about challenges people in the slums are facing on the daily basis. Our goal is to raise awareness and push authorities to change the situation, give the people what it deserves. 🤍 Website: 🤍 Visit TUKO’s official YouTube channel to get today’s breaking news, the latest and most relevant updates, find out more about the most pressing issues in Kenya, Nairobi news, and entertainment news. #tukotv​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #tukonews​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ #tukocoke​​​​​​​​​​​ #tukotalks #kenyapeoplelife

She moved her family to America, works as a truck driver, & has never hidden money from her husband


When Rosemary moved to the US with her family through a green card , she knew no one there and the one thing she was sure of, she would not fail. Today, she and her husband operate trucks and have found ways to not let even the slightest bit of racism affect them. Though her husband was diagnosed with cancer few years back, this family’s ability to be there for each other through thick and thin is admirable. Rosemary also says though there have been instances where she made more money than her husband , she has never hidden a coin from him We hope this episode of LNS Rebuilding inspires you #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN #LynnNgugiShow Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

They made fun of his looks, now he is making big moves in America | LNN


If there is one thing Joakim does not pay attention to, it’s the people who make fun of his height, how to talks or how he walks. He is more interested in living his life the best way he knows how. On today’s episode of Inspire Global, he walks us through his life growing up ,living in America and the big moves he is making there #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

The Murio Family Conference


A big day where we interact with our viewers both local and international and get to learn and support each other.

I was deported from Germany to Kenya and my own mother has not checked up on me since | LNN


Yelsha has never felt love from her mother. When her mother moved her to Germany at just a young age, she admits she did not want to go Now Yelsha who is just a young mom to a beautiful girl has been deported back to Kenya from Germany So, what exactly happened and why has her own mother never checked up on her? What happened between them? #LynnNgugiShow #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Why I left my husband, raising two daughters by myself and finally rebuilding my life | LNN


If there is one thing Sabah does not dwell in, it’s her past. The mother of two knew the person she loved was not it and there was no way that was going to limit her so she left, and began her life again. Today not only is she a successful businesswoman, but she’s also encouraging people to not do well in the past here is Lynn Ngugi with today’s episode of LNS.  #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I will not leave my husband at his worst, he gave me the best life he could | Racheal Otuoma | LNN


To many, Racheal Otuoma is the wife to extraordinary footballer Ezekiel Otuoma who is suffering from motor neurone disease, known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS Many of her friends have asked her to leave her husband given he’s not in a position to provide for her anymore, but Rachel insists she will not leave him at his worst, and she will always be by his side for better for us On today’s episode of LNS, Rachel walks us through her journey as a caregiver ,the support they have received from the social media community. How friends left when Ezekiel got sick and why it’s important to stick to your partner no matter what. #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

My father left because of my disability,my mother encouraged me to keep chicken&I make great profit


When Francis’ dad left, his mother contemplated drowning him in a river but she could not get the strength to do it and so, she encouraged her son to become the best version of himself. Years later, even after her death, Francis dedicates a lot to her On this episode of Inspire Global, he walks through his journey into chicken farming in his small plot and how he makes a cool Ksh.180,000 monthly profit just by doing what he loves most #LynnNgugiShow #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

My marriage began to work when I stopped caring why my husband would come home late | Esther Muchemi


Esther Muchemi is one of the most successful businesswomen in Kenya. Her journey to the top started some 18 years ago when she founded Samchi Telecom to sell airtime as the mobile revolution was just about to sweep the country in 2000. Samchi Telecom was first honoured as the top M-Pesa agent by Safaricom in 2009. The company has severally been ranked as top airtime dealer for Safaricom in subsequent years. It’s also important to note that Samchi was the pioneer M-Pesa dealer when the mobile money was invented. M-Pesa was piloted at Samchi for six months before it was rolled out. Esther Muchemi was the first to transact with M-Pesa in Kenya holding the till number 0001. Today, on this episode of LNS, Rebuilding series , she walks us through her journey , marriage , loss and lessons #LynnNgugiShow #LNN #LynnNgugiNetwotk Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Twathire honeymoon tugikora bahasha imwe ikiritwo pad huthire na gikorora | Prophet Peter K


Hari andu me ngoro njuru muno Prophet Peter chronicles

The controversial life and death of Kevin and his daughter Erica, burial dispute & property war| LNN


When Kevin randomly suggested a Mombasa trip, all he kept saying was how much he missed his late mother, little did he know that he would not even make it to Mombasa. He would succumb in an accident , followed closely by his daughter Erica and his friend Shan Wanita. Three people including his girlfriend Muffin would survive the accident However , just a day after he passed, drama started His baby mama, Patricia, who had not been present in Erica’s life for years accompanied by her mother Catherine claimed Kevin’s body saying Patricia was the spouse.. Then Catherine allegedly denied people access to Kevin’s house including his aunt’s , cousins and uncles And now the big question is , why did an ex girlfriend claim Kevin’s body and what is Catherine still doing in Kevin’s house and how did she even get there in the first place? Here is Lynn Ngugi with today’s episode of Tales of Wanjiku #LynnNgugiShow #TalesofWanjiku #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I spent my inheritance money on a married man, my regrets and life lessons | LNN


When Lynn received the news she would be inheriting her late father’s land, she was too young and could not possibly make some wise decisions . And when she fell in love with a man she thought loved her, she started “lending “ him money, would buy him gifts to take to his wife and made a lot of bad moves So where is she now and what has journey taught her? #LynnnNgugiShow #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Sama Enda Ngugi - Karaoke Version - Sylvia G (Official MV) #laguviraltiktok


KARAOKE SAMA ENDA NGUGI SYLVIA G Lirik/lagu:sony jang Music arrange:sony jang Guitar:sony jang Mix/Mas:davney david Kamera/editing:sony jang Gown & mua By sawang purah Keluaran:sonny jang sound record studio

Man Karitu hamwe na Baratha gucerio kuona nyamu


Athuri a Baratha, Kahuni na Karitu kumagara gucerio makone nyamu cia githaka

My dark life in the music industry, using millions to bleach my skin to finding God | Kush Tracey


If there is one thing Kush Tracey regrets is the years she spent in the music scene. Immorality, exploitation, drugs, and random men. But one thing stands out, she is deep and that is why she was able to turn her life around most importantly by God's Grace. On today's episode of LNS, she walks us through her dark days, redemption, lessons and a special apology to all the women she exploited #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I almost sold my soul to the devil, why I said no to the deal and why life is spiritual | Bamboo


Imagine saying no to a cult that would have made you millions and super famous? I think the biggest question people ask today is, what happened to Bamboo? This man was at the peak of his career, today it’s said he would be with the Kendrick’s and the Cole’s but he said no to all that because it came at a price. Today, he walks us through his journey in holywood, the dark world and marrying a former cult member #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

I went from working as a househelp to becoming a flight attendant in Gulf then built my own house


Rebecca knows how it feels to sleep hungry, work as a house maid, dare to dream, apply for a flight attendant position no one thought she would get, to becoming one of the best performing cabin crew..and if that was not enough, she also took her siblings back to school, found them great jobs and now not only is she a home owner but she also has 10 two bedroom rentals to her name I really do hope her story inspires you #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Court grants Kelvin’s grandmother the right to bury her grandson in Muranga. Special message to Kate


Finally, a win for Kelvin’s grandmother as the court awards her the right to bury her grandson in Murang’a. #LynnNgugiShow #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Ndatigire mwanake wari na mbeca nyingi nduranie na uria wahootire ngoro yakwa | The Shepherds Family


Story of Ladyheart and Denno is just so inspiring

Star Chebet on people making fun of her while secretly grieving her mother to finding her true self


When I sat down with Star Chebet, I had no doubt that she was about to bring us beautiful energy. But young girl has also gone through a lot. When she came out and told people she was admitted in a mental institute, Some made fun of her, but they did not know that she was still in her grieving journey and she needed to rebuild her life. Today she walks us through the details of how one can be famous but broken on the inside, how she survived the times and where she finds her peace #LynnNgugiNetwork #LNN #LynnNgugiShow Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

My friend killed my son when I was in Saudi Arabia and no one will help track her down | Lynn Ngugi


Maureen Njoki went to Saudi Arabia in search of a better life for herself and her two sons. She left the kids under the care of her grandmother but things did go down well with her. She shared the issue with a longtime friend who also happened to be her son's teacher, Phyllis Njeri. Njeri offered to take care of the kids at a salary of 13k. But woe to Njoki, almost two months after the agreement, she received the news that her youngest son David, had been murdered...and according to her elder son who is 7 years, David was killed by 'auntie Njeri' as they fondly called her. He was smashed against the wall several times as his brother watched helplessly Today, our reporter Lynn Ngugi is teaming up with Monica Kagoni of Metha ya Kagoni to bring this story to the public in the hope that Maureen will receive the justice she deserves and we are asking you to be part of this by demanding for Justice for baby David #LynnNgugi #JusticeforbabyDavid #MonicaKagoni Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍



Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Ngungi · Franco & le T.P OK Jazz · Franco Grand Maître Franco & Seigneur Rochereau : Lisanga Ya Banganga ℗ KP&P – Sonodisc Released on: 1991-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Inside the brutally honest minds of Kenyan Genz’s living in London and why they are misunderstood


Are you raising a GenZ, are you a GenZ or do you have certain misconceptions about Genz’s? Like most people, do you think they are weird, stubborn, lazy etc etc or do you think they are independent, hardworking and not easy to manipulate? I sat down with three incredible Kenyan Genz’s in London and they are about to blow your mind #LynnNgugiShow #LNN # LynnNgugiNetwork Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Growing high value crops in a small plot in Kitengela is earning this woman millions | LNN


Wangari defines herself as a farmer on fire, Please make no mistake , this graduate loves her job and has even gone to receive awards as far as New York. To her, farming is not a dirty career, it’s a great investment . On this episode of LNS, she walks us through her smart strategy of growing high value crops, and how she easily makes Ksh.400,000 profit in six weeks just by growing mushrooms in a small room #LynnNgugiNetwork #LynnNgugiShow #LNN Join the Lynn Ngugi Club to access special content and supporter perks 🥰 🤍

Ukai Ketegal Ngugi - Cynthia Lennon (Official Music Video)


#UkaiKetegalNgugi #CynthiaLennon Title : Ukai Ketegal Ngugi Artis : Cynthia Lennon Composer & Lyric by : Matthius Mambang & Jesley Jabu Music Arranger & Guitar Works by : Cami Tan Videographer : Jesley Jabu Video Editor : Las Recording Studio : Ranyai Studio Producer & Publisher : Aka Dambai Production UKAI KETEGAL NGUGI Baka gudi putus tali Terebai dibai angin Enda nemu alai dini Nikal bepusin Enda ulih dipaut agi Perau patah kemudi Taja timba berari Majak tama ai Nuan di enah ku makai Maya gali anchauka tikai Agi mih kumbai nyimpan adong belalai Di rumah dikangauka ambai Di tanah kangau ku apai wai Tang nuan ngumbai enda nyamai asai Sinu ku ngenang diri Idup begulai enda nyadi Please share this video and not to re-upload. Say "NO" to piracy either physical or digital content. ℗ & © 2022 Aka Dambai Production. Hak Cipta Terpelihara.

Ithui nitwendaga ona mundu wina kiiga kiega unghota gutugaragaria | Agnes X Charity


The ladies have their say... Whta people think about them and the reality of things

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Ngugi kami galbi na كامي قلبي انا galbi na جديد كامي كاميكازي قلبي نا جنجون قلبي نا jenjoon galbi na Lindemann Official Lindemann Music Video 资产 jugnoo neena kulkarni шоу проект ishaan new movie Марина Зудина стендап комики тнт khushi ke bahane Руслан Алехно